Photographic Craft


Iowa City is a small town and the surrounding areas (encompassing Coralville, Tiffin, Oxford, and other smaller communities within a radius of 20 miles) are not large either. The US Census of 2012 put Iowa City at just a little above 70,000 inhabitants; however, the number of photographers, registered in the White Pages, advertising in the Yellow Pages, flourishing on Facebook, and publishing their own Web Pages, is quite large. So, why come to me, precisely? Why should you choose Fiorenza Ianzini photography?

I believe that the job of a photographer is not only to shoot awesome photos, but also to be the only one in charge of reproduction. This is why I print my photographs myself and do not let other parties intervene in the process. In this way I have absolute control over the look, the feel, and the quality of each photo and can furnish my client with a superior product.

I process my photos using Adobe Photoshop Lightroom and Adobe Photoshop on Apple Computers. I print all my photographs using the professional, large print format, Canon PixmaPro 9500 Mark II printer using Canon LUCIA Technology pigment ink and the highest quality fine art photographic paper from Canon, InkPress, and Moab. I do not use trickery to create the processed images; rather, I apply simple image processing and light/color correction to ensure the highest quality prints.


Excellent photographic images require high-quality cameras and lenses. I use Canon pro-quality cameras and fast Canon L-lenses for all of my photographic work.