Fiorenza Ianzini photography

specializing in performing arts and portraiture photography

A photography studio where the services do not stop when the photograph is taken.

Performing arts and dance photography requires outstanding photographic technique with an eye to detail. The low-light conditions present at most events can be very difficult for a photographer. I have significant experience in these types of event photography. I use state-of-the art photographic and printing equipment for every project I work on. When you contractfor my photographic services you can be assured of receiving the highest quality photographic products.

Performing arts programs and summer intensive, pre-professional, and professional dance programs all require headshots and/or particular pose-based photography. There can be pitfalls in acquiring photos in these situations and accurately representing the talents of artists of all ages is not an easy task to accomplish. I have experience in the techniques required to best serve these needs. There is simply no substitution for experience and expertise in these types of technical photography.

Establishing oneself in the performing arts realm is a difficult undertaking, as it is a challenge to differentiate oneself from the competition. I offer innovative products that can boost your probability of success in the performing arts marketplace.

I also offer artistic portraiture services. A good portrait can be a keepsake for a lifetime. I take extra care when photographing you for these purposes, and I make sure that both the artistic and technical requirements are met to provide for archival quality works at reasonable prices. Whether it be for Graduation or other Milestones, or just for fun, I can provide the services that you need.

I have a strong background in science and art. Let my expertise be your guide for all of your photography needs.