Dance is exhausted in the split second that it takes to achieve the artistic act. In that split second, many hidden movements and messages can elude us. In my photography, I strive to immortalize this split second to expose what our eyes might miss. As the French poet Stéphane Mallarmé, who describes dance as a philosophical unstable symbol, put it, “the moment when this philosophical construction appears to crystallize, the dancer undoes and reforms the model”. My artistic interest lies in deconstructing and understanding this “model” through photographic images. Thus, for my dance photography I am most interested in portraying what happens on a “stage” (inside or outside the theater) both in choreographed and improvised settings.

I offer various options to portray your talent:

Furthermore, I work diligently in making you the best looking candidate for any audition for summer intensive, pre-professional or professional dance program:

Dance Auditions

auditions auditions

Invest in a professional photography session for your auditions for intensive and/or professional dance programs. Most dance schools and companies require headshots, arabesque, and/or tendu photos for applications or job interviews. You want to look your best: impeccably at ease in your headshot and perfectly positioned in your dance step. It is difficult for any photographer to understand the subtleties of dance movements, so you do not only need an experienced photographer, but also one who is knowledgable in this area and is aware of the technical details of such photos.

I have been taking these types of photographs for 5 years now. Dancers whose photos I took have been accepted into prestigious programs throughout the country and, while all the merit of being accepted into a particular program goes to the dancer and their teachers and mentors, I believe that a beautiful headshot and a sharp arabesque photograph can only add to the strength of the dancer's application.

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Your Best Dance Move Outside of the Constraints of Choreography

If you are ready to promote yourself for your career or just want to freely express yourself for pure enjoyment, you can obtain original and unique photographs outside of the constraints of choreography. These photography sessions are not only very fun to take part in, but the end product can be a valuable promotional tool for the development of your career.

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