Comp Cards

Comp Cards were originally created by London-based photographer Peter Marlowe in 1965 with a trademark name of Model Composite and were used by models for commercial print auditions and self-promotion. The cards became very popular and were greatly appreciated by model agencies in both Europe and America. These cards are now not only used by models, but also by actors, dancers and others in the performing arts. They are a powerful publicity vehicle that are more than just a simple portrait and are a great marketing tool.

Comp Cards contain a headshot in the front and a collage of 3 to 5 poignant photographs in the back, along with the name and physical characteristics of the portrayed person. The aim of the Comp Card is to present images that demonstrate how you portray different looks, how you are at ease in different situations, and showcase the diversity of your personal and professional interests. With the Comp Card you tell your story as an artist and draw attention to aspects of your personality that cannot be obtained by looking only at your headshot.

For these cards I use heavy weight double-sided 5x7-inch card stock photo paper. The quality and clarity of this product provides a collage of images that resembles the quality of photos in magazine advertisements. The use of props and different outfits while shooting Comp Cards is essential in telling a story about you. Thus, be prepared and arrive at our meeting with plenty of supporting props and clothing.

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Comp Card Examples (front and back shown)